The foundation of New Salem Men’s Ministries is built on Psalm 112;

a chapter that clearly defines what Godly men ought to be. 

A PS-112 kind of man is a man who…

   …fears the Lord (verse 1)

   …delights greatly in His commandments (verse 1)

   …is gracious and full of compassion (verse 4)

   …is righteous (verse 4)

   …shows favor to others (verse 5)

   …guides his affairs with discretion (verse 5)

   …is not afraid of evil tidings (verse 7)

   …has his heart fixed and established (verses 7-8)

   …trusts in the Lord and is not afraid (verse 8)

   …disperses freely and gives to the poor (verse 9)

Our men meet every Tuesday morning at 9:00am for breakfast and fellowship

And on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 8:30am breakfast, devotions and prayer.

    Joe Barker is our Men’s Ministry director and is looking forward to meeting you and involving you in our activities.  

Give Joe a call at 257-2779 or 426-1604.